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Commercial Pest Control In Rockwall, TX And The Surrounding Area

Creating A Better World For Businesses In Rockwall And The Surrounding Areas

Running a business is nothing less than complicated. From growth and maintenance to marketing and sales, business owners in Rockwall and the surrounding area must juggle a million things at once. Everything needs to be running smoothly for a commercial enterprise to be successful, which is why the presence of common pests in Rockwall and the surrounding area can destroy everything you have worked so hard to achieve.

The last thing you want to deal with is a pest problem in your business in Rockwall and the surrounding areas. Thankfully, that's where the professionals at A Better Earth Pest Control come in. For more than 20 years, our team has specialized in commercial pest control for industries of all kinds. We are passionate about making real, measurable changes for our clients and are always interested in moving the needle for businesses and their commercial objectives.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Pest Control

Since 2001, A Better Earth Pest Control has navigated under the same mission; to produce commercial pest management outcomes that meet and exceed all expectations. We do this by beginning all programs with an initial inspection of the premises, carefully evaluating the ins and outs of a building and its conducive conditions.

Once our technicians have thoroughly evaluated your property, they will begin the process of aligning our products with your professional needs. We understand that every industry has its own unique set of guidelines, and we strive to meet each of these with an adaptable commercial program.

A Better Earth Pest Control simply does things differently:

  • We specialize in commercial pest control that employs organic, low-impact, and natural treatments.
  • We customize our pest control process into three steps — inspection, communication, and treatment.
  • We use products that align with our principles and your unique industry specifications.

Experience the Better pest control difference by calling our office today. One of our technicians will be happy to schedule an initial inspection at a time convenient to you.

Facilities We Service


Keep your employees on task without distractions. Eliminate pests and the threats they pose with A Better Earth Pest Control.


Pests are a big no-no in the restaurant business. Rely on A Better Earth Pest Control to get the job done right.

Strip Center Businesses

Your customers should never have to worry about the cleanliness of your establishment. A Better Earth Pest Control can help.


You can't afford to let pests get in the way of business. Protect your inventory with A Better Earth Pest Control.


Defend your business's reputation in more ways than one. Choose year-round pest control with A Better Earth Pest Control.

Stores (Convenient And Retail)

First impressions matter – especially in your storefront in Rockwall and the surrounding areas. Create a lasting positive experience with A Better Earth Pest Control.

Reasons To Choose A Better Earth Pest Control

A Better Earth Pest Control understands the challenges that businesses in Rockwall and the surrounding areas face, striving to alleviate pressure with a wide variety of services.

Here's why you can trust A Better Earth Pest Control:

  • We have 20+ years of experience.
  • We specialize in eco-friendly pest control.
  • We always put customer satisfaction first.
  • We offer satisfaction guarantees.
  • We have unique expertise in commercial rodent control.
  • We provide same-day commercial services when possible.
  • We stay current with up-to-date research.
  • We genuinely care about your needs.
  • We focus on results with a purpose.

Contact A Better Earth Pest Control today to discuss your needs in greater detail.

Sustainable Pest Management For The Modern Business

Your business in Rockwall and the surrounding areas deserves the best that pest control can offer. For long-lasting results that speak for themselves, turn to the eco-friendly solutions of A Better Earth Pest Control. Call now to schedule your first service or to learn about our home pest control service options.

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